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Prison From-TheInside-Out, Inc. is a California based non-profit organization, media website, blog & open chat forum. Founded in 2019, the organization started as a way to provide a voice for incarcerated people in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. FTIO believes that investing in the incarcerated community and transforming them from within is the key to lowering recidivism and optimizing their reentry success. Through a variety of programs and platforms, FTIO provides a forum for incarcerated people to voice their stories, accept responsibility and mentor others.

Since its formation, FTIO has expanded nationally and internationally and has reached the incarcerated community across the US and in Africa. Led by CEO and Founder, Porshe Taylor, FTIO’s goal is to reach the incarcerated in every state in the US and to serve as a model both nationally and internationally.


Prison From-TheInside-Out, Inc (FTIO) is on a mission to lower recidivism rates by providing Innovative curriculums, reentry services & spiritual guidance to individuals incarcerated in California and beyond. FTIO believes that with God leading the way, we can rehabilitate the incarcerated community and educate the community affected by the criminal justice system at large. 


  • We believe that with God first, all things are possible.
  • We believe in providing a voice to the voiceless.
  • We believe in serving the incarcerated and their families with compassion, empathy, and respect. 
  • We believe in the fundamental human spirit and that we are all created equally.
  • We believe men and women are resilient and can grow through their experiences.


We focus on Mass rehabilitation as a resolve to Mass Incarceration!



Porshe Taylor

On the fast track of reaching her highest potential, Porshe Taylor has utilized her resources and willpower to overcome the obstacles in her life. At one point she felt chained down by her dependence on alcohol coupled with a 15-year cigarette habit. Porshe turned to God and broke free from the unyielding grasp of her addiction; her response was to fight and get free. When God removed the taste of alcohol from her tongue and relieved her craving for tobacco, Porshe finally found peace within. She completed therapy which helped to remove the veil of addiction from her eyes. This allowed Porshe to receive a message from God while she slept and as a result of that night’s encounter, she gave birth to FTIO. Starting with just a website, Porshe followed God's Instruction and began building her organization.

Porshe Taylor is now the first African American woman to create a nonprofit organization that supplies correctional institutions with innovative and rehabilitative curriculums that have been approved and funded by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR).


Chief Administrative Officer

Chief Administrative Officer

Chief Administrative Officer


Anita oversees all administrative tasks. Her duties are limitless when it comes to FTIO. She is commonly the second point of contact for the general public.

Social Media Manager

Chief Administrative Officer

Chief Administrative Officer


Lashanda keeps the structure of our financial department. Lashanda is multi-talented and also assists in our social media department by maintaining a social presence on our social media platforms.

Chief Product Officer

Chief Administrative Officer

Chief Product Officer


E'drick is the author of all FTIO curriculums. As we look into new programs, E'drick's creative writing skills push us ahead of our competition. E'drick is currently incarcerated and housed within CDCR.


Your support and contributions are what make our goals at Prison From-TheInside-Out Inc. possible. Thank You!

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